The Presence of Presents


Hey beautiful people!

I looked and realized that I have been on this blog journey for just over two months now…and I’ve been supported in a major way by friends, family, and complete strangers, receiving messages from people saying that a post resonated with them; there have been almost 150 visitors and over 200 views, and I really am humbled by the love. I remember when I first started this site, though, I mentioned that I’d put poetry on here. I haven’t yet, so that will be the next post!

 A little history: I have been writing poetry since the age of 14 (so almost 15 years). It started out with me, a pencil, and a composition book and eventually I got the chance to perform at hometown open mics and still do occasionally. Here’s the thing though: God will show you your gift, and then there is a process of figuring out, at least in my case, how that gift can be used for the glory of God. Because I started writing at a time when I wasn’t particularly close to God, a lot of my earlier work reflected that. There was a lot of lust, a lot of anger, a lot of longing (for various things) and a whoooooooole lot of profanity. I published online and wound up authoring two books of poetry: Far Above Rubies  and The Love Lessons. The second was less gritty than the first, but what they both had in common was that God was making brief appearances rather than being allowed to run the whole show. Eventually, I stopped writing for awhile altogether because people were complimenting my poetry and I had learned the art of cadence so that important thoughts took center stage, but I was being confronted with the enormous responsibility of a platform and was too afraid to say something that wouldn’t make God proud. It was the love of a friend (and a really pretty journal) that brought me back, and now I know that I’m not just writing some stuff on a page for a reaction, but I am walking in my gift. If you have no idea what you were created for, or even if you KNOW that you can write or sing or paint or dance but you think that you are doing it for the wrong reasons, I encourage you to:

Consider your SHAPE: Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church has been quoted as saying that a person’s shape: their Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experiences—are the group of things that God has given you that sets you apart. My church has a Spiritual gifts assessment, but in lieu of that, find a trusted, Godly mentor…they have a way of teasing out our destinies when we’ve let life get in the way. Another way that I have heard this stated is once you figure out what bugs you the most about the human condition, you’ve figured out your calling. In my case, my love of writing also branches out into a desire to help people learn to write effectively and passionately…nothing worse than a piece where you can’t get engaged because the message isn’t transmitted clearly.


Read Gods view on gifts: 1 Corinthians 4:2 NIV says that we are “managers of the gifts that God has given” us…and that “they may be great or small” in our eyes but “they matter to God”. How humbling and cool is that?! The gifts that we have are not really ours. Think of the manager of a store. They may have the keys, they may hire and fire, and they may hold a fair amount of authority, but at the end of the day, that Rite Aid, Radio Shack, or Forever 21 doesn’t belong to them,…however, they were put in authority by a higher power to make sure things stay shipshape, and they are responsible if something goes wrong. You were put in place to steward your gift and you will answer to a higher authority if it isn’t taken care of, but your name is NOT on the deed to that house, honey! You are merely a renter.


Not be discouraged:  The above verse says that our gifts may be great or small in our eyes. We have a way as humans of being our own worst critics and because of that we act as roadblocks that stick out as God is desperately trying to curate our gifts of be of use to a broken world. Move out of His way….I don’t care if your gift is beatboxing, plate painting, math or making diminutive nativity scenes out of shoeboxes and toothpicks…God can use it somewhere.

Let Him work, y’all. Stand and watch as your muse and your ministry connect and ignite a passion that you didn’t even know you had. I look forward to hearing about your gifts!

Be blessed,