-for all of the teachers who need a reminder of their magic.

I’ve never been called to preach from a pulpit

But I’ve stood by the board in a public school classroom,

So that’s kind of the same thing.

I haven’t studied doxologies and translations

Eyes moving between Aramaic, Hebrew, and English

But I have pulled late nights

Pupils straining at screens,

Coffee stains on IEPS that look like Greek to me

How can I be tasked with teaching you Shakespeare when you are comprehending at a grade level 3?

It’s strange to me how you don’t think this holy.

How stopping an altercation isn’t being Jesus’ hands and feet.

See, maybe I haven’t been asked to preach at a pastor’s conference

But the bell ringing is ministry.

I may not shepherd a flock

But I learned the lyrics to their favorite song

And I’ve got the beat on lock.

Now that I know the flow

I can change the familiar words to a concept they don’t know

Now I’ve got little black girls into STEM and English

Because I changed up Old Town Road

I’ve never been called to preach from the pulpit

But I have created effective data from two loaves and five fish

So thats kind of the same thing.

I have stood in staff lounges that looked like Gethsemane

Wept like Jesus because I felt like the expectations were secretly plotting my downfall.

I have hung for little people who act like they don’t appreciate it all.

I have been asked to secure the future and I often feel like running from that call.

So how you can sit here and say that this ain’t gospel takes an insurmountable level of gall.

Have you met your Maker in a meeting?

Have you felt like giving up?

Have you taken a look at your creation and

Wondered if they understood your kind of love?

See, I have never gone to seminary

But I have gone to home visits and sat in meetings with Juvenile Services,

So that’s kind of the same thing.

Both require an anointing that isn’t always understood.

Don’t hate us, if you ain’t us.

If you haven’t sat with bated breath hoping for the chance to hear “well done, my good and faithful”

If you haven’t had to touch the hem of His garment DAILY to keep from breaking in some seasons.

Then you won’t understand why we dance like David.

There are people who scoff at the notion that teachers

Operate as both disciple and leader

Use breaks and such to dare say that we are mundane.

Refuse our divinity when we do the same work as their chosen leader on any given Sunday

To them I say,

I may not have been called to preach from a pulpit.

But my life’s work is my ministry

And that is kind of the same thing.

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