One More Day One

Hello beautiful people!

“But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”

Have you ever been so full with words…yet not know what to say?

So much has happened. Personally, but globally as well. There have been moments of great joy, but also of a pain and confusion that transcends conversation. In my own life, I have seen Hebrews 11 come to pass; God has shown that having extraordinary faith and believing Him for big things isn’t a lost cause. I decided to search for a new job: despite my deep love for my school, I needed more. But the fear of a new start tried its best to stifle my joy when a new opportunity did in fact come around the bend. 

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

As we try to grasp faith with our fingertips, we see the world in the clutches of what feels like madness. Last week we saw several more people of color die at the hands of law enforcement. Conversely, we saw something like 9 LEOs become the target of what seems a sniper style situation, with 5 casualties. As a country, we are reeling. As people of color, we are raw, hypersensitive, hoping and praying for someone to say the one thing that will ease the pain and solve the confusion but also silently pleading for them not to say the wrong thing from deep within their privilege that will wrest the already straining cap from the pressure cooker. Those on the opposite side of the color line are angry, confused, scared of looking like the monster by the door, and for the most part it seems like a continuation of the usual. It is difficult to maintain faith while dealing with the same things that our parents and grandparents did. 

“Come, Lord Jesus…come”

I’d been searching for a way to articulate everything and failing miserably, but this morning I had a bit of an epiphany when I went to check out a health center near me. 

I ended up joining and  posted a picture of the membership key tag that they gave me with the caption “Day One”.

Immediately after I posted it, I sardonically thought to myself, “this is like your fifth Day One, kid” 

The thing is…that’s true. I lost something like 70lbs about 5 years ago, and have put most of that weight back on. I’ll jog for awhile and stop. Swim for awhile and stop. Attend Zumba for awhile and…you guessed it, stop. 

But guess what else? Having 5 Day Ones isn’t a bad thing. A Day One signifies a fresh start, and the amazing thing about loving and serving the God that we do is that He is the arbiter AND the author of our second, third, and eighty sixth chances. 


The scripture at the beginning of this post comes from Lamentations, and the part that sticks out to me is “therefore I have hope”. 

That’s HUGE!!!!

Whenever, literally whenever we feel like we have strayed all the way off track, whether it be personally…

I talked to my ex when I know there’s nothing good back there…

I didn’t guard my soul like I should have…

Whether it is professionally…

I’m not doing what God has called me to do…

I’m choosing to be like my coworkers instead of like Christ. I don’t want to be weird…

Or even on a global scale…

All of the tragedy I’m seeing has left me angry at my fellow man…

We have this precious ability to go to God, declare that we need Him more than ever and come away charged and knowing that in Him is freedom and a fresh start. 

Join me as I declare that this world is in dire need of a Day One….and yes I know that Earth has had many, but we are in need of another. And that’s ok. 

We are in need of a Day One faith in our ability to be agents of change.

In our ability to see people like He does.

In our willingness to trust that in all of this madness God’s name will be glorified regardless. It HAS to be. It hasn’t failed yet. 

Whatever your Day One is that you are facing, please don’t go into it feeling like you are undeserving of another one. Gods entire word is predicated on Him doing whatever to bring you home. You and I–and this world–are so worth it. 

Be blessed,